Earthquake preparedness everyone’s responsibility, B.C. minister says

Earthquake preparedness everyone’s responsibility, B.C. minister says

On the heels of a study finding that a large seismic event could be building on a fault line near the Haida Gwaii, the province’s Attorney General insists earthquake preparedness falls to everyone.

Suzanne Anton says the province’s role is to coordinate, and they’re doing well in making improvements.

When asked about buildings not seismically sound in B.C., including the Legislature and many schools, Anton brings it back to residents.

“Infrastructure is one of the many pieces we have to think about … whether or not we’re ready for the “big one” in British Columbia. In many ways, we are, but it’s back to the individual responsibility. Every home needs to be ready.”

Anton says clearly earthquakes are a big issue and the government takes their coordination role seriously.

“One of the immediate things we have done recently is upgrade our notification system so, for example, were there to be an earthquake in Haida Gwaii or any other area along the coast, we’re able to target our notifications very quickly to … the communities affected.”

The province came under fire when another study found a lack of provincial action and funding are hampering earthquake preparedness.


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