ISO-Base XD™

Just a few years ago, the average static load rating of a server cabinet was approximately 1500 pounds; now, a static load rating upwards of 3000 pounds isn’t unusual.

ISO-Base XD™ is the solution!

With up to 1000 pounds(453Kg) of isolation capability per dish, the heavy-duty construction of the ISO-Base XD™ dramatically increases the weight load capacity over original ISO-Base™ by approximately two and a half times in order to meet the needs of today’s IT environments.

Anchoring cabinets to the floor increases shock and vibration damage. ISO-Base XD™ platform decouple these away without requiring bolting to the cabinet or anchoring to the subfloor.

The new, larger dish design allows smoother rolling motion and eliminates vertical spikes & vibrations. Offers an increased displacement capacity of 10.25″ or 70% over original ISO-Base™.

At the heart of ISO-Base XD™ technology is still the patented Ball-N-Cone™ seismic isolation bearing. This consists of two load plates with matching conical recesses sandwiched over a 2.25″ steel ball bearing.

Utilizing the new QuakeCoat™ elastomeric damping liner improves rolling friction to ensure maximum displacement capacity and virtually eliminates spikes and micro-vibrations.

ISO-Base™ has been tested hundreds of times, exceeding Zone 4 code requirements on shake tables and in real world events, with no failures. ISO-Base™ meets Telcordia GR 63 Core at 100%. It has also passed the rigorous JQA Certifi cation testing in Japan.

Equipment can be safely hydraulically lifted to install ISO-Base™ platforms underneath while live and operational, during normal business hours.

Hybrid Design

The top of the platform is made up of an ISO-Base XD™ plank and the bottom is made of traditional OCTO-Base™. This allows for easier cable management for cabinets and other IT components without wheels.

The modular components are easily connected by steel tube connectors and heavy-duty bolts. This makes installations simple and also allows for a phased buildout of rows. It will work with existing ISO-Base™ installations to provide even more protection to heavy IT assets.

The open frame design allows for proper air circulation and allows a space for cable management through a raised floor.

Super Heavy Duty

ISO-Base XD™ is designed to handle the extreme static load of new server racks. Standard XD planks come with 2 dishes. A 3rd dish can be included for even heavier weight loads.

Zero Downtime

Just like with ISO-Base™ and OCTO-Base™, if all other peripheral systems, such as power, stay up and running, your isolated equipment can and will continue to operate and process data right on through a major earthquake.

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