Data Centres


Seismic base-isolation technology is the most effective way to protect your mission-critical and expensive electronic equipment.  ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platforms are used in all types of computer rooms for seismic mitigation of server cabinets, mainframes, electronic enclosures, and many other types of critical equipment.  It has also been used to prevent other kinds of shock and vibration, besides seismic, from damaging computer equipment.  The ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platform is virtually maintenance free and provides seismic mitigation that is far superior to traditional methods such as bolting to the sub-floor or stiffening of the cabinet frames.

ISO-Base™ utilizes patented Ball-N-Cone™ Isolators consisting of two conical Stainless Steel dishes sandwiched over a steel ball bearing.  This unique design allows the ISO-Base™ to roll smoothly and evenly while accepting input ground accelerations from any direction.  Using gravity as a restoring force, the bearings inside the ISO-Base™ planks re-center themselves after an earthquake as the shaking decreases.  The bearings also function as a white-noise filter virtually eliminating the transfer of seismic vibrations into sensitive componentry.

If all other peripheral systems, such as power, stay up and running, your isolated equipment can and will continue to operate and process data right on through a major earthquake.



The new OCTO-Base™ Modular Seismic Isolation System offers a unique octagonal shape allows for limitless attachment in multiple directions to create isolated equipment mounting in a concise 15” design.

The OCTO-Base™ system utilizes NextGen Ball-N-Cone™ Isolators which dramatically increase displacement capacity, over the original Ball-N-Cone™ utilized by standard ISO-Base™ by up to 70% while nearly eliminating vertical spikes and vibrations due to its smoother rolling design profile. While the original ISO-Base™ had excellent performance in recent large earthquake events, the need became apparent to offer a product with increased displacement and acceleration capability.

The heavy-duty construction of the OCTO-Base™ system dramatically increases the weight load capacity over original ISO-Base™ by approximately two and a half times. This is an important advancement to meet the current trend of heavier server racks and IT components being used in todays’ data center environments.



KoldLok® products are designed to virtually eliminate bypass airflow, increase capacity, enable higher density, and dramatically lower energy consumption.



HotLok® products reduce high intake air temperatures by preventing hot exhaust air from circulating to the front of the IT cabinets. This improves IT equipment reliability and supports cooling infrastructure optimization.



AisleLok® products are engineered to seal a variety of openings in the aisle, blocking bypass airflow and maximizing cooling performance. Controlling errant airflow in the aisle increases efficiency, capacity and reliability.


Monitor / Equipment Swivel-Strap™office_desktop_fastening

Monitor / Equipment Swivel-Straps™ are designed to secure monitors to the desktop surface. The swivel plates adhere to the sides of the monitor and to the desktop or countertop surface. The strap will swivel to conform to the best directional pull. Since the pull is from the center of the plate, the holding power is maximized. The straps can be detached at the quick-release buckle or at the hook end for easy access. Available colours include putty and black.


Monitor Lasso™monitor_lasso

The Monitor Lasso™ is another unique product developed for use in partitioned workstations or on desks where a computer monitor cannot fall backwards. The lasso simply wraps around the neck of the monitor, without any permanent attachment, so it can be re-used when monitor is replaced. A quick-release buckle allows easy access if the monitor needs to be removed or relocated. The strap adjusts at the buckle to the proper length to prevent the monitor from falling forward as you duck, cover, and hold. Also works on microscopes.



For items with a low center of gravity, QuakeMat™ is the most innovative and popular method of providing earthquake fastening without drilling into or applying adhesives to the desktop or item. Simply place the QuakeMat™ under the item and it is instantly secured from seismic motion. The soft foam material works as a high-friction / non-slip surface, which helps the item resist the first moment of inertia that causes items to launch or topple. This form of fastening computer and office equipment is ideal since items can be easily moved or relocated whenever you want.



The SeismaLok™ fastening system is the highest quality and easiest to use strap and buckle adhesive-based fastening system available. Our exclusive PVC and polyurethane strapping material is designed to reduce stress on the adhesive, which maximizes its overall holding strength. SeismaLok™ is easy to install with a one-size buckle that fits most items. This popular system provides an extremely versatile and universal method to secure all types of electronic items such as stereo equipment, speakers, CPU’s, or any small desktop equipment with “2-point” installations, “4-point” installations, or stackable fastening installations. QuakeMats™ can also be added for protection against sliding motion.

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