Desktop Equipment Fastening

Computer systems are very susceptible to damage during a seismic event.  They also pose a threat to your workers if they fall on them as they follow standard earthquake safety measures.  Fasteners and lassos can be implemented to ensure their safety and allow your organization to quickly recover from a disaster.


Office Furniture Fastening

Office furniture fastening systems protect employees from the dangers posed by filing cabinets, storage racks, heavy appliances and other large equipment during an earthquake.  These systems have proven to be far more effective than standard bolting because much of the equipment that is currently used to fasten items relies on building design.   Most modern office buildings contain walls that are little more than wallboard and lightweight steel studs, causing furniture that is simply bolted to a wall to detach during a real life seismic event.


Shelf Fastening

Shelf fastening systems secure shelf contents in home, office, industrial manufacturing and warehouse environments.  These fasteners restrain all types of shelving and their contents and do not impede worker productivity.


Miscellaneous Office Items Fastening

Other miscellaneous office equipment such as fire extinguishers, picture frames, television monitors and water coolers should be securely fastened in the event of an earthquake.  These items can each be accounted for by utilizing the correct restraints to ensure a safe office environment.

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