The Ultimate In Versatility of Isolation Platform Design

The new OCTO-Base™ Modular Seismic Isolation System offers a unique octagonal shape to allow for limitless attachment in multiple directions to create isolated equipment mounting in a concise 15” design.

The OCTO-Base™ system utilizes NextGen Ball-N-Cone™ Isolators which dramatically increase displacement capacity, over the original Ball-N-Cone™ utilized by standard ISO-Base™ by up to 70% while nearly eliminating vertical spikes and vibrations due to its smoother rolling design profile. While the original ISO-Base™ had excellent performance in recent large earthquake events, the need became apparent to offer a product with increased displacement and acceleration capability.

Maximum Modularity

The OCTO-Base™ system components can be configured into isolation platforms for protecting rows of multiple cabinets or equipment items, or can be custom configured as a single, stand-alone, machinery or equipment mount.

Each OCTO-Base™ assembly includes a top and bottom platform with (2) NextGen Ball-N-Cone™ Isolators. Octogonal Isolators are connected to one another with customized rails and top plates to accommodate any design layout.

Similar to ISO-Base™, connector lengths are made to fit the width or length of the item being protected.

OCTO-Base™ system components are re-usable and re-configurable, new connector sizes can be easily accommodated.

The open frame design allows for proper air circulation and allows a space for cable management through a raised floor.

Heavy Duty

The heavy-duty construction of the OCTO-Base™ system dramatically increases the weight load capacity over original ISO-Base™ by approximately two and a half times. This is an important advancement to meet the current trend of heavier server racks and IT components being used in todays’ data center environments.

Zero Downtime

Just like with ISO-Base™, if all other peripheral systems, such as power, stay up and running, your isolated equipment can and will continue to operate and process data right on through a major earthquake.

For further information, please contact us or visit the official OCTO-Base™ Modular Seismic Isolation website.