Countertop Equipment Fastening

Lab fastening systems keep countertop instruments seismically secure yet clear and accessible.  These “technician-friendly” systems offer quick-release buckles, and in most cases can be moved and re-used as the lab adds or deletes equipment.


Floor Equipment Fastening

Floor equipment fastening systems allow large lab appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, shakers and centrifuges to be secured in order to protect worker safety, important test samples and chemicals. These fastening methods attach items to the wall or floor and are lab-friendly with use of bio-coated strapping and stainless steel hardware, fasteners and anchors.


Shelf Fastening

Shelf fastening systems secure shelf contents in home, office, industrial manufacturing and warehouse environments.  These fasteners restrain all types of shelving and their contents and do not impede worker productivity.

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