AisleLok™ products are specifically designed to block airflow, ensuring hot and cold aisle separation.


Under Rack Panel

Designed to seal a variety of openings below the rack on new and existing raised server racks, the Under Rack Panel will block bypass airflow and maximize cooling system efficiency of the data center.

The AisleLok™ Under Rack Panel is the premium choice for your facility.  Its revolutionary sealing technology was designed to allow easy modifications creating the flexibility to seal large and unique openings such as those found under various sized racks and cabinets. The AisleLok™ Under Rack Panel fits standard racks up to 31.5″.

Based on measurements at multiple data centers, on average 60% of valuable conditioned air is not reaching the air intake of IT equipment due to unsealed floor openings. This lost air, known as bypass airflow, contributes to IT equipment hotspots, cooling unit inefficiencies, and increasing infrastructure costs. AisleLok™ products specifically address bypass airflow and its detrimental effects on data center cooling.



Acrycell Sealing Tape – 0.5″, 1″ & 2″ Thick

AisleLok™ Acrycell Sealing Tape is the premium choice for sealing unusual gaps and openings in the data center including:

  • Room perimeter
  • Floor openings
  • Under cabinets
  • Between racks
  • Around CRAC units
  • Its revolutionary sealing technology greatly reduces costly bypass airflow, increasing usable cooling unit capacity, and ensuring maximized efficiency from HVAC equipment.



    AisleLok™ Modular Containment

    Introducing the industry’s first modular containment solution including:AisleLok_Modular_Containment

  • Modular Arrays of Rack Top Baffles
  • Custom-Built Bi-Directional Doors
  • Core benefits of containment with greater flexibility and value:

  • Allows for higher rack densities
  • Enables lower inlet temperatures and reduced energy costs
  • Lower initial cost and lower TCO than full containment
  • Affordable to implement across multiple aisles
    For detailed information and pricing please contact us or visit the official AisleLok® website.