PlenaForm® Systems products are specifically designed to provide simple and inexpensive solutions to solve dynamic thermal imbalances in data centres.


PlenaForm® Baffle System

The PlenaForm® Baffle System is a flexible, snap together, air flow baffle system which helps to solve dynamic thermal imbalances in data centers. Installation is easy, and the system does not require electricity to operate. It is a holistic tool to direct or block airflow very simply and inexpensively. If necessary, relocating is easy: just release the cable ties.

Available in black in packs of 12 or a single baffle (4 rivets & 6 cable ties).




PlenaFill® 27U Scalable Blanking Panels

According to industry standards best practices, installing blanking (filler) panels is the simplest and most effective means to control air flow in a data center or containment system. Panels cover unused rack space in unoccupied server and equipment racks and stop hot aisle air from coming into the front of the rack and mixing with the cold aisle air. Stopping hot air from recirculating back to the front of the rack reduces the overall air intake temperatures, which also helps prolong equipment life. Large sections of unused rack space can be blanked out in seconds.

Available for 19″ or 23″ EIA racks in black or white in packs of 10. Rivets sold separately in packs of 50 or 100.

Before PlenaFill

Before PlenaFill®

After PlenaFill

After PlenaFill®

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