Close to 700,000 take part in the Great B.C. Shake Out

Close to 700,000 take part in the Great B.C. Shake Out

Hundreds of thousands of people had to drop, cover and hold on this morning, taking part in the province’s largest annual earthquake drill.

The Great B.C. Shake Out happened at 10:17 this morning.

The idea is to get people to practice the skills needed if the “big one” hits.

Emergency management experts say the best course of action in the case of an earthquake is to “drop to the ground, take cover and hold on until the shaking stops.” These actions can reduce injury and death during earthquakes.

They say getting in a doorway or running outside can be dangerous during an earthquake and are part of “what not to do” list on the Great B.C. Shake Out’s website.

Organizers say the drill is also a way to remind people to put their earthquake preparedness kits together if they haven’t already.

More than 690,000 people have signed up to participate. Schools, businesses, and government organizations across the province are taking part.

Over 24.5 million people are participating worldwide.

Anyone can hold their own drill at any time within two weeks of October 17.

While B.C. is overdue for a large-magnitude earthquake, a recent survey by BCAA showed 78 per cent of British Columbians do not know how to prepare their home for an earthquake. It also found that 58 per cent are aware of a one-in-three chance of a significant earthquake striking in the next 50 years, and 75 per cent expect their home could be damaged by an earthquake.


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